Promising Ideas for Mitigation

For basic information about climate change, e.g., the underlying physical phenomena, impacts of climate change, or an overview of mitigation strategies, visit our primer on climate change.

To avoid drastic climate change, humans need to implement a variety of mitigation strategies to reduce emissions. Now your team can contribute to ideas for mitigation when you Innovate to Mitigate.

Click the links below for mitigation research and strategies being developed by innovators around the world. These ideas will help you understand some of the approaches to mitigation that are needed, and hopefully spark new ideas that you can share!

As you explore, ask yourself:

  • What’s the broader mitigation strategy discussed and how does it work?
  • Is there a part of this strategy that our team could design or adapt?
  • Could we scale it down to build a prototype?

For example, a company that uses potential energy to generate electricity for its grid. When the grid has some excess energy, it powers a train engine carrying tons of stone up a hill. When electricity runs low, the train is allowed to roll downhill. This releases its potential energy as electricity to supply the grid. Could you design a weight and pulley system to test this idea?

Examples of ideas submitted by previous Innovate to Mitigate challenge teams include:

  • A mini-system to harvest methane from cockroaches
  • Repurposed glass tubing to focus sunlight to create biochar
  • A social campaign to reduce food waste.


The students are really enjoying working on the project. There have been some failures, but they've made significant gains in problem solving, team work, communication, empathy and other process skills." 

– Teacher