Mitigation Ideas: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

From homes, to offices, to factories, to schools, and many other kinds of buildings, the places we inhabit cost energy. They cost energy to build, heat, cool, and light, but they also represent one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to conserve energy. From construction to insulation, to window placement, to geothermal heat pumps, there are myriad ways to lower the energy cost of buildings, saving both money and emissions.

Bio-inspired window design
Scientists mimic biological temperature control systems to develop windows that keep heat in during the winter, and cool things off in the summer.

Harnessing waste heat
Researchers at Stanford University and MIT have found a new way to harness waste heat—heat produced as a by-product of industrial processes or electricity generation. One-third of all energy consumed in the United States ends up as low-grade waste heat . A new battery harnesses waste heat in a four-step process.