Sample Student Submissions

Student teams participating in the challenge create and present 2-minute videos describing their innovations to help mitigate global warming. The videos shown here come from previous competitors in 8th-12th grade from across the U.S.

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Green Leaf

This micro-vessel has the potential to absorb (or “farm”) aquatic algae to develop biofuels.

Phytoplankton Video
Green Leaf
Solar Blinds

These solar blinds both insulate the home and help generate electricity with built-in solar cells.

Solar Blinds Video
Green Leaf
Green Machine

This team’s innovation combines the carbon sequestration ability of grass with the unused wasted space on the roofs of cars.

Green Machine Video
Green Leaf
The Photoelectrics

This team wants to place transparent solar panels on many of our devices to make them self-charging.

The Photoelectrics Video
Green Leaf
Scientific Artists

This innovation paints—and powers—a building with “solar paint,” a mixture of graphene, water-based paint and tiny solar panel chips.

Scientific Artists Video


I was drawn to the opportunity to actually do something tangible with what I had been learning in school. I love academics, but I am also interested in applying what I learn."

– Student