Immersed Games Evaluation

SBIR Phase II: A Group Video Game Challenge for Integrated Applied Science Learning

Lead Staff:
Michael Cassidy


A group of game developers and educators at Immersed Games, an early state ed tech startup from Buffalo, NY, and TERC, are collaborating on a project called A Group Video Game Challenge for Integrated Applied Science Learning. The work focuses on developing and evaluating a video game that empowers student learning through collaboration and exploration to solve problems. Immersed Games has created and tested their initial pilot study and is continuing to develop their game. Students will use this game to learn about ecosystems.

This is a research and development project. First, the research and development (R&D) team will be conducting development work of the intervention product to be tested with 5 teachers. Next, the team will then iterate and improve the product based on research findings. Lastly, at least three educators representing a minimum of 300 students will be recruited for the final efficacy study as the Phase II work is completed.

Research Activity

The research team will conduct a quasi-experimental mixed-methods study. The goals of this study will be to address research questions of:

  1. What Teacher Dashboard tools do educators use during their implementations?
  2. What is the teacher fidelity to implementation guides and best practices? In what ways do they chose to deviate or modify these practices?
  3. Do students demonstrate improved SEPs after using the Expeditions?



Phase II Award for National Science Foundation Grant for a Group STEM Challenge By Lindsey Tropf