Climate Literacy Partnership in the Southeast (CLiPSE)

Lead Staff:
Jim Hammerman


CLiPSE worked to develop a network of partners to conduct climate literacy education across the Southeast US. Project goals focused on identifying resources and issues, conducting a needs assessment, and developing a strategic plan for larger scale impact. Initial outreach activities included “dialogue sessions” designed in particular to reach conservative political and religious communities.

SEEC’s evaluation tracked the process of bringing together disparate communities and concerns, developed the formative and summative evaluation plans for the Phase II project, and analyzed feedback from the dialogue sessions.

Related Publications

McNeal, K. S., Hammerman, J. K. L., Christiansen, J. A., & Carroll, F. J. (2014). Climate Change Education in the Southeastern U.S. Through Public Dialogue: Not Just Preaching to the Choir. Journal of Geoscience Education, 62, 631-644. doi:10.5408/13-061.1.