Addressing Resiliency to Climate Related Hazards and Disasters Through Data Informed Decision Making

Lead Staff:
Jim Hammerman
Project Staff:
Sabrina De Los Santos


Auburn University’s NRT project is developing an interdisciplinary graduate program addressing issues of climate related risk and resilience planning and decision-making in the southeast US. Faculty and trainees develop scientific knowledge as well as collaboration and science communication skills, and build relationships with stakeholder communities to understand and address risks to natural, human and built environmental systems. The program seeks to create institutional change at Auburn, increasing racial and gender equity and diversity of the student body, changing teaching practices, as well as supporting interdisciplinary collaborations and stronger partnerships with local HBCUs such as Florida A&M and Tuskegee Universities.

TERC’s evaluation addresses implementation, impact and institutional change and sustainability, providing both formative feedback and summative findings throughout the five year project.