TERC has two new projects that focus on making and STEM for youth from marginalized communities. 

Two African American young women looking at a laptop computer
African American Young Women in Making to Engage in STEM and Entrepreneurship (AAMASE)

Using a co-design model, researchers, practitioners alongside participants will develop a program for young women of color to learn STEM, Making, and entrepreneurship skills.

Two young people looking at a laptop computer
Afterschool Making Projects with Design Thinking and Mathematics with Latinx Communities (AMPD4Math)

AMPD4MATH will be the flagship project of a partnership between TERC and the Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF) Education Fund. Middle school youth will engage in design-and-making projects that address community goals. This project aims for changes in youth’s relationship with mathematics: Youth will have opportunities to do important mathematics while drawing on community and cultural strengths, particularly in community mathematical know-how. The project uses a co-design framework to develop an equity-focused making program. AMPD4MATH relies on the life and values of Cesar Chavez as a touchstone for rural Latinx youth’s positive identity.