This page contains information about

  • Setting up the Ender 3V2
  • Using Tinkercad
  • Ultimaker Cura

Getting Started with Ender 3V2
3D Printing Guide
Using Tinkercad

Tinkercad is the 3D design website MPACT uses.

View the Tinercad Tutorial

Available when you first sign up. The video will teach you:

  • how to move a shape (click, hold, and drag — or click on object and use arrow keys)
  • how to change camera view (click and hold, then drag cube on top left-hand corner)
  • how to zoom (same as trackpad functionality or scroll wheel on mouse)
  • alt way to change camera view (Ctrl + drag)
Illustration of a Tinkercad starter

Try Thinkercad Starters

Screenshot of Tinerkcad direct starter

Direct Starter

Seven simple and short activities that walk you through how to learn Tinkercad’s basic features.

Illustrations of the steps of 3D modeling and printing with Tinkercad

3D Modeling and Printing with Tinkercad

By James Floyd Kelly
Sampler Chapter (PDF)

Illustration of a print lab

Design with Tinkercad for 3D Printing

This is a short online video based course that provide 10 essential tips for designing with Tinkercad. Enrollment is required for free access to the course.

Tinkercad Teachers Webinar Series

Autodesk YouTube Playlist

Illustration with an iPad on Tinkercad project

Tinkercad on iPad

If you and your students are using Tinkercad on an iPad, you may want to consider using the iPad app that has special features to help simulate keyboard shortcuts, specifically the Action Modifier Button. Read all about the app below.

Tinkercad Blog

Tinercad Zendesk

Ultimaker Cura

Cura (version 5.0.0) is the 3D slicing software we will be using.

How to print: From Tinkercad to Cura to 3D printer.