Project 1. Think Like a Designer   3D Printer Illustration


  • are introduced to the MPACT design/making model and design a bookmark to be 3D printed.  
  • learn about linear measurement.  
  • Students figure out why a design will not 3D print well (CT). 
Project 2. Make a Soma Cube Puzzle   Cube Illustration

Students will:  

  • use the design/making model to make a 3D printed Soma Cube puzzle with Tinkercad.  
  • learn about volume as cubes filling space, leading to the volume formula for rectangular prisms. 
  • create 3D models of puzzle parts in Tinkercad (CT). 
  • imagine shapes with pieces missing and how that affects volume (spatial reasoning). 
Project 3. Make a Toy on Wheels  Illustration of a toy elephant on wheels

Students will: 

  • use the design/making model to make a toy for a younger child. 
  • solve problems involving the volumes of different real objects. 
  • figure out what simpler shapes make up a more complex 3D shape (CT). 
  • using Tinkercad, make a shape, resize it, rotate it on a screen, and imagine how it will look at each stage. (spatial reasoning). 
Low Tech: Shape Maker Illustration of animal figures made out of paper.


  • Bullets
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Just-in-time Resources
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