Equitable Participation

Equitable participation in elementary math classrooms relies on evidence-based teacher reflection. When teachers collect, reflect, and take action on data about students’ participation and on practices that might affect it, they can use this evidence to bring about more equitable participation in their classrooms.

The Teacher Reflection Tools are designed to help teachers keep equitable participation at the forefront as they plan for and facilitate whole group discussions and small group/pair work. The tools encourage teachers to consider and reflect on questions such as:

  • Who is or is not contributing to the classroom discourse?
  • How are they contributing?
  • What questions am I asking which students?
  • How am I responding to students’ contributions?
  • How are students responding to other students?  

These tools—one focused on Whole Class Discussions (available now!) and one on Small Group/Pair Work (coming in 2024)—engage teachers in cycles of evidence-based reflection.

Download the tool and use it as a fillable form or print it.

Read blog posts written by Forum staff, about teacher reflection in the elementary math class.

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Using the tool impacted my practice because even when I only had a few minutes ... I was able to take that step back and think about how all kids were included … I was taking the time to pause and really self-evaluate.”

– Classroom teacher