Innovate to Mitigate challenges 8th12th grade students to submit ideas that will mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. 

People around the world are working hard on this problem. To meet the big challenges we face, we need good ideas from everyone. This competition invites students to join the global community addressing climate change and unlocks their potential for finding solutions! 


How Does the Challenge Work?

Student teams submit a brief abstract describing their idea(s) for an innovation. After crowdsourced discussion, they use feedback from peers to revise their idea, then develop and test a mitigation prototype. Finally, they submit a video and paper that make the case for how and why their innovation will reduce greenhouse gases. Winners are selected by a team of judges.  

Students! Compete for a chance to win prize money. Earn recognition from peers, community, and experts. 

Teachers! Engage your students in problem-based learningInvite them to do STEM projects that have the potential for real-world impact in mitigating climate change.  The Innovate to Mitigate Challenge, aligned with Next Generation Science Standards practices, works in the following contexts:

  • As part or whole of an elective course  
  • As a final graduation or independent study project 
  • As a free-choice option in science club after school 

Read a brief articledescribing past student submissions or browse student videos.

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Learn More About Innovate to Mitigate

At the beginning of the project I knew some general problems our world is facing and the basics of photosynthesis that occurs in plants. Now, as a result of the project, I know how artificial leaves are crafted and mimic photosynthesis, and how they can be used to mitigate CO2 emissions." 

– Student