INFACT Teaching and Learning Materials

INFACT is a teaching and learning program for students in grades 3-8. Focused Sequences allow learners to explore foundations and applications of computational thinking (CT), a problem-solving process. INFACT leverages the assets and supports the challenges of all learners. Early findings indicate students, particularly those students who face challenges with executive function, who used INFACT demonstrated more improvement in CT outcomes than those using other CT programs. INFACT involves a variety of on- and off-line CT learning and teaching materials, including games such as Zoombinis, digital interactives, Scratch coding, robot options, and hands-on activities.

To request access to the full collection of these free computation thinking materials, please visit our site, NDinSTEM.

Example INFACT Activity

Barrier Game: Building-Bricks Challenge: Here students give instructions (words and/or pictures) for a partner to follow to recreate a structure made of building bricks (e.g., LEGO®), as part of getting excited to begin a series of activities related to using commands — instructions a computer, robot, or similar can accurately follow.

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