The Project TIAN mathematical content centers on two strands of mathematical proficiency: algebra and data. Participating teachers and their students learn by investigating the patterns and mathematical information found in real-life situations.

Learning Goals for Students and Teachers

Data and Graphs

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  • Collect, organize, and represent data
  • Make accurate statements about data using percents and fractions
  • Create and interpret frequency graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, and line graphs
  • Make predictions, decisions, and recommendations from information presented in bar, line, and circle graphs
  • Use scale to change the story a graph tells
  • Interpret graphs with different scales
  • Use mean and median to describe a data set
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Algebraic Thinking

  • Identify patterns and predict outcomes in a variety of situations
  • Describe patterns and relationships using a variety of representational tools: diagrams, words, tables, graphs, and/or equations
  • Understand how the different representations are related
  • Recognize the characteristics of linear patterns
  • Use and understand basic algebraic notation