The TIAN model uses teacher inquiry and reflective learning to engage teachers in learning math and in learning new instructional approaches to algebra and data analysis to implement purposeful and effective standards-based mathematics.

The Goals of TIAN 

  • Increase and deepen teachers’ mathematical content knowledge
  • Increase teachers’ understanding and use of mathematics content standards
  • Increase the number and range of teachers’ instructional approaches
  • Build teachers’ connection to ABE mathematics/numeracy standards
  • Build the capacity of states’ adult education agencies to support standards-based innovative math instruction for adults.
What you’ll find here

  • Background information on the original project and the body of research that informed our work introduces the goals and activities of the project
  • Description of the mathematical content
  • Some exciting examples of what participating teachers learned and did with their students
  • Free resources available for download

... even after 37 years of teaching children and adults, I found many new and creative ways of introducing and developing mathematical concepts ... this program is very adapt at teaching an old dog new tricks.

– TIAN facilitator