Miss the MPACT Launch Party?

Click on the links below to Learn more about MPACT and how you can use it in your classroom!

  • MPACT Features: Learn about what makes MPACT unique, the math and making content for each grade level, as well as other MPACT features.
  • TinkerCad Demo of Dice — Watch a demo of Ken Rafanan designing a die in TinkercadTM to be used by someone who is visually impaired and someone who is not.
  • Hear from teacher Krysta Bradley — Learn about Ms. Bradley’s experience with being a co-design teacher for MPACT, implementing it in her classroom, and seeing the effects of MPACT on her students’ spatial reasoning skills.
  • Hear from teacher Kathryn Habib — Learn from Ms. Habib about her students’ experience with MAPCT, in particular how it helped reengage one student with math.
  • MPACT Projects — Each grade level culminates with a larger project, learn about each and see some sample projects.
  • MPACT 5th Grade Lesson Progression — Learn about the three modules for grade 5 and how together they form a curricular progression for volume.
  • MPACT Q&A — Q&A from the curriculum launch webinar.
  • Why MPACT? Learn about why STEAM and Math teachers are bringing MPACT into their classrooms.