Building Systems from Scratch curriculum 

The Building Systems from Scratch curriculum contains three modules, as well as an introduction to computational thinking, systems thinking, participatory pedagogy, and distributed expertise; suggested instructional approaches; links to support guides; and information on alignment with standards.

Download the Building Systems from Scratch curriculum here

The Learning Library 

Available as chapters online or as a 32-page downloadable PDF, the Learning Library contains an introduction to systems thinking for students, and readings, visualizations, animations, and videos to help them learn content related to climate science and climate change.

Visit the Learning Library here.

Game design cards 

Colorful downloadable cards demonstrate how to program features of their games to change color, glide, move to a beat, say something, and more. The cards teach broader principles of game creation by introducing ““triadic game design”. Cards relate to three ideas: reality, the science content of a game (in this case, climate change); meaning, the intended learning goals of the game; and play, how the player participates in the game. Successful games will be effective in all three areas. Students use these concepts to prompt ideas for the design of their games.

Download the cards here.


…it basically starts with humans. And humans, they build factories, which cost money. And factories generate carbon dioxide, which can raise the global temperature, which melts ice caps, which at the end raises the sea level. So basically, sea level is the consequence of our actions."

– 8th Grade Student