INFACT Materials for Families

Did you know you can try INFACT activities at home? INFACT activities can be fun for families and caregivers. Here are two INFACT activities that we’ve modified to be completed outside of school to explore computational thinking together in a fun and engaging way!

INFACT Family Barrier Game

Play this game to practice your communication skills while building LEGO®!  Try to get a partner to follow your instructions (words and/or pictures) to exactly recreate a hidden structure made of building bricks (e.g., LEGO®)…without peeking!

Barrier game materials featuring Lego, printable cards, and manila folders.

INFACT Family Jigsaw Puzzles Activity

Did you know that Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to practice problem-solving skills that can be applied to many different tasks at school, work, or in your daily life? Work with a partner or small group to assemble a puzzle and then talk about the skills and strategies you used.


An adult and a child's hands are in frame. They are working on a jigsaw puzzle.