INFACT is a teaching and learning program for learners in grades 3-8. Activities and other materials from the first round of INFACT development and research are freely available for use.

Example INFACT Activity

Three children sitting on the floor participating in a card based activity.

Barrier Game: Building-Bricks Challenge: Learners give instructions (words and/or pictures) for a partner to recreate a structure made of building bricks (e.g., LEGO®), as part of learning about clear commands — instructions a computer, robot, or similar can accurately follow.

Overview of Materials

INFACT (v1.0) consists of a broad variety of computational thinking (CT) materials, organized into customizable sequences and threaded through with the core ideas of CT, including Problem Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Algorithm Design, and Abstraction, as well as Debugging.

The materials are embedded with supports for executive function (EF) and social-emotional learning (SEL). Many of the INFACT activities are further adaptable based upon each learners’ interests and performance.

Sequence 1: Introduction to CT – Focuses on introducing learners to the core ideas of CT, as these practices will be used throughout the other sequences.

Sequence 2: Clear Commands – Focuses on preparing learners for the idea of using a common set of coding commands to give instructions for a task.

Sequence 3: Conditional Logic – Focuses on the use of IF-THEN commands with the introduction of Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.

Sequence 4: Repeat Loops – Focuses on the use of REPEAT commands to group together patterns of commands, in order to make repetitive instructions more efficient.

Sequence 5: Variables – Focuses on the use of variables to make commands modifiable and built into reusable algorithms.

Sequence 6: Functions – Focuses on the creation and use of functions to build sets of commands into reusable algorithms.

Most of the activities and materials from INFACT (v1.0) are freely available for use; however, certain materials, most notably those that rely on major digital assets, such as puzzles from the award-winning game Zoombinis, may not be (fully) accessible.

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