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INFACT supports ND in STEM by:

  • Focusing on strengths of neurodivergent learners in computational thinking
  • Supporting executive function in CT through scaffolds and teaching strategies
  • Differentiating CT teaching and learning through multiple activities, types, and approaches


Including Neurodiversity in Foundational and Applied Computational Thinking (US Dept of ED EIR U411C190179), (INFACT) is an inclusive teaching and learning program for CT in grades 3–8.

The INFACT teaching and learning materials include:

  • A wide range of CT activities using games, robotics, coding, and offline activities
  • Research-grounded supports for executive function including working memory, attention, and metacognition supports
  • Teaching strategies for differentiation including using multiple contexts and modalities as well as allowing multiple entry points into activities.

Research on INFACT showed that students in grades 3–5 who used INFACT improved more in CT problem-solving practices than students in comparison classes using other CT programs. Students who showed the most dramatic improvement were those in the lowest quartile of EF scores on external assessments.

INFACT v1.0 Materials

Activities and other materials from the first round of development and research are freely available for use. Visit here for an activity example. You can also visit the page to see an overview of the materials and to request access to all the materials.