The people at ND in STEM often work with co-designers who identify as neurodiverse. Meet some of these amazing, talented co-designers!



Hridhay is currently a co-designer working with the NeuroVivid team.

In his own words…

What I’m up to now… I am studying cognitive science at UC Santa Cruz. 

My STEM interests… Brain-computer interface (BCI), cognition, neuroscience, technology.

My other interests… I love astrobiology and the intersection of philosophy and STEM. 

Working with the NeuroVivid co-design team… has challenged and expanded my abilities to think critically about accessible education for a variety of learners which is a topic I care deeply about. 

We are all neurodiverse. My thoughts about neurodiversity…   As someone who was isolated from my peers in the education system for years, I feel my perspective is beneficial when it comes to accessible education. 


Onyeka is currently a co-designer working with the NeuroVivid team.

In her own words…

What I’m up to now…  I’m currently a [high school] Junior in Lexington, South Carolina. I’m working on my college applications, and I’m planning to double major in Cognitive Science and Computer Science! 

My STEM interests… Neuroscience, Computer Science, Cognitive Science.

My other interests…  I’m a huge nerd for consuming media of any kind: Books, Movies, Music, etc. I love writing on my own as well, and I actually have a 50,000 word diary ongoing! 

If I had one hour of free time, I would… watch Youtube Video Essays, read a fantasy novel, or just listen to music and vibe. 

If I was without power, batteries or Wi-Fi for one hour, I would… definitely either read or write. It’s hard to focus when there’s so much to do on the internet, so it would be nice to have some quiet time alone. 


Joey is currently a co-designer working with the NeuroVivid team.

In his own words…

What I’m up to now… Right now, I’m working on designing a ski resort inside of Unity. I’m also working on advancing my art skills to make a full fledge comic series. 

My STEM interests include… making STEM a more inclusive thing for people of all learning styles so it can be for anyone. 

My other interests include… art, videogame design, engineering. 

Art and STEM intersect. My work in graphic art has… shown me that art can be used for many different types of things; like you can show what to do through art or tell someone a story. 

My work with NeuroVivid inspires me to… look at these issues in STEM and to try to fix them because I believe that STEM should be inclusive for everyone. 


Ziyad is currently a co-designer working with the NeuroVivid team.


In his own words…

What I’m up to now… I’m currently a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, also member of WPI’s Drumline -Marching/PEP Band and WPI Winter Percussion Competitive Team. 

My STEM interests… are all things tech! Building computers, hardware refurbishing (PCs/laptops), network configurations (, as well as aviation–flying lessons and aero engine design and interior. 

My other interests include… Music composition (YouTube Channel @ZOTMIDI Channel), writing drumming cadences for WPI Drumline, T3 Family Band (, creating enormous rolling ball structures and designing with circuitry! 

Art and STEM intersect. I think… they are both highly interconnected as they both use engineering elements/patterns and aesthetics that are like puzzles, when solved and put together, can make something amazing!   

I’m excited to continue working with the NV team because… it really allows me to explore new concepts while using my existing skills to think of ideas that can hopefully be useful to society and I also love working with the NV team which is like a second family to me, cheerleading us on! 


Dash is currently a co-designer working with the NeuroVivid team.

In his own words…

What I’m up to now… I am a senior in high school in California. I am looking forward to starting college in Fall 2024. I hope to contribute to making efficient electronic devices in the future.

My STEM interests include… technology-electronics, energy efficient machines, generative AI in art and design.

My other interests include… branding and logos, science fiction, creating Sweded movie scenes.

If I had one hour of free time… I would solve math puzzles or play games.

I like working as part of a team because… I feel excited about exchanging ideas with others and like working together towards getting a task done. I am a part of a group that is inclusive and focused on results. I am also glad to be able to contribute to the learning of neurodiverse students globally through the activities we design.

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