NeuroVivid aims to engage and support ND in STEM by: 

  • Creating a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) maker experience with and for neurodivergent learners 
  • Providing intern and professional opportunities for neurodivergent youth 
  • Supporting STEM career pathways for Neurodiverse populations 


NeuroVivid: Developing and Testing a Maker Experience to Build Interest in Careers in Brain-Computer Interfaces Among Neurodivergent Youth (NSF DRL-2241380), is an innovative BCI maker experience design by and for neurodivergent youth. 

The NeuroVivid experience includes: 

  • Content to help participants learn about the brain and natural neurocognitive variation across the population¬†
  • Circuit building activities design to help learners understand the basics of BCI interfaces 
  • Block-coding activities to allow learners to get first-hand experiences interfacing with their own brain signals 
  • Games and demos to illustrate ways that learners can engage with brain activity¬†

Research and development in NeuroVivid are using a co-design approach to shape a maker experience that can be used at a range of maker settings with neurodiverse youth. Neurodivergent co-designers take a lead role in shaping all aspects of the content and materials developed by NeuroVivid.