Directions for PD Session 3


Complete the debugging challenges, making sure you start with the first one. Working to fix the code will present you with several problem-solving challenges, and also help you learn new functions.  The challenges can be found here.

Play and critique Scratch games

Games designed by the project

Games designed by students 

Arcade (simulation) games: 



Actual simulation (like “Civilization” game) 

Narrative/choice games

2 player games

Platformer game

Choose a game from each genre to play. Consider: 
  • What stands out to you as you play the game?  
  • Does the game accurately represent climate science? Why or why not? 
  • Are systems present in the game (where could they be more explicit)? 
  • What does the player learn from (or get out of) the game?  
Review the Building Systems from Scratch curriculum
Create a game with a teacher partner.

The following requirements MUST be met: 

  • Relates to some aspect of climate change
  • Designers must consider:

Reality (what aspect of climate change systems will be accurately represented) 

Meaning (what will the player learn; what will be the goal of the game) 

Play (what will be the look and feel of game play on screen) 

  • Includes a human connection. 

To learn more about Scratch in general go to: 

Visit the ScratchEd site for teachers: