Directions for PD Session 1

Part 1: Create an account

You will need a Scratch account to create, save, and share your Scratch projects. The steps below will walk you through creating a new account and creating a profile. 

  • Follow this link to the Scratch Educators page:
  • Scroll down and click on the “Request Account” button. 
  • Complete the steps and check your email for approval (this may take up to a full day)! 
Part 2: Practice with Scratch 

On your Scratch page, select “Create” on the top left of the screen then click the “Tutorials” button in the top menu bar. Complete the following tutorials: 

  • Getting Started with Scratch
  • Make a chase game
  • Make a clicker game
  • Make a Pong game
  • Make it fly
  • Animate a character
  • Create animations that talk
  • Add a Sprite
  • Add a backdrop
  • Glide around
  • Hide and show

If you have questions, try going back to the “discuss” button on the main Scratch page and search for forum topics that address your question. 

[Note: The forums can be a valuable resource for students, so it is good to get to know how to use them.] 


To learn more about Scratch in general go to:

Visit the ScratchEd site for teachers: