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School-year support provided.
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<em>VisTe</em> coaching Cycle

VisTe Coaching Cycle

Professional Development Features

  • Video-based coaching
  • Focus on five mathematical practices, with argumentation as a centerpiece
  • Multiple equity lenses
  • Supports for the VisTe coaching cycle:
    Visualization Planning protocol,
    Research-based VisTe Discussion Guide.
  • Use of improvisation games to establish positive norms in mathematics class.


Read the VisTe Anti-Racist Statement


Participants are part of a research study to gauge the effects of VisTe coaching and PD on student learning and teacher growth. A 2-year commitment is required.

“I have a better understanding of math argumentation than I did before the workshop. Before I thought it was just how people talk and communicate about math. Now I realize that it goes much deeper with students …to get down to the root of why things work, mathematically.”—VisTe Pilot Coach