SxSW EDU 2024 (March 4-7, 2024)

Dr. Jodi Asbell-Clarke presented “Neurodiversity in STEM: Uniquely Talented Problem Solvers” at the SxSW Conference and Festival in March 2024.

In her talk, Jodi spoke to the fact that people think and learn differently. There are natural variations in human brain function just like there are variations in height, weight, and coloring. The world is full of neurodiversity. And this is a good thing! Research shows that some neurodivergent people – for example, people with autism – are excellent at systemic thinking. Similarly, some people with ADHD or dyslexia may be great idea generators and connectors of ideas. The same brain wiring that makes some things difficult, make other things easy. And effective.

Jodi also participated in a Roundtable Session which allowed attendees to learn from experts and leaders from across the education landscape. It offered diverse perspectives and thoughtful discussion on improving instruction for neurodiverse learners.