The Curriculum

The Biocomplexity curriculum engages students in understanding the intricate relationships between humans and the environment. An integrated framework facilitates study of the links between the human and natural systems of our planet. Inquiry-based investigations explore cases in urban, agricultural, tropical, and polar systems, emphasizing ecology, environmental science, geography, economics, and anthropology. Strong emphasis on science practices closely aligns this curriculum with the Next Generation Science Standards. Learn more

For Students

The Biocomplexity approach will equip you with insights about the implications for the environment of  human choices and the knowledge to make informed decisions in future in a world facing complex environmental challenges.  Learn more about Biocomplexity

For Teachers

Provide your students with a challenging and enriching capstone course experience. The Biocomplexity curriculum promotes critical thinking, problem solving skills, and engagement in authentic inquiry. Students will see the world in a new way and develop awareness of their connections with the global ecosystem. Learn more about the curriculum

For Parents

By equipping young adults with knowledge and understanding about human impact on the environment in a rapidly changing world, the Biocomplexity approach prepares students to build and support sustainable ecosystems for future generations.


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