The Afterschool Making Projects with Design Thinking and Mathematics with Latinx Communities (Amped 4 Making) project is developing and piloting an afterschool program of mathematics-oriented design and making infused with the core values of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.

Amped 4 Making engages middle-school Latinx youth from the agricultural regions of the Southwest United States in community-focused maker projects, thereby broadening participation in STEM.

TERC and the Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF) Education Fund are collaborating to co-develop this program, and piloting is taking place in CCF afterschool programs.

three students look at activity sheet

In Amped 4 Making afterschool clubs, youth design and make things to improve life in expanding circles of community.

  • Afterschool clubs meet for 1-2 hours weekly throughout the school year.
  • All middle-school-aged youth are welcome.

Making for Communities

  • Build resources for your afterschool program community
  • Make objects that represent for your family as community
  • Work together with community members to improve your neighborhood, town, or city as community.

Mini-Maker Skill Builders

  • LED circuits
  • Sewing
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Wood and cardboard construction

Learning mathematics while making

Math that is important for now and the future, for example

  • Measurement
  • Multiplicative Reasoning

Embracing Cesar Chavez’s Core Values

  • Service to others
  • Sí Se Puede
  • Perseverance

Thinking Like a Maker

  • Be creative
  • Solve complex problems
  • Care about your users

Get Involved! 

Help Youth Develop Making Skills 

shooting a how-to video

Are you a maker? Share your skills by recording a 3-minute video where you tell youth what making means to you and demonstrate a “bite-sized” skill—anything from sewing the blanket stitch to leveling a 3D printer. Represent your community to show Latinx youth that makers come from all backgrounds. Other volunteer opportunities are available. For more information, fill out the form here.