Catalysis, LLC

Lauren   Moreno

Lauren Moreno, associate with Catalysis LLC, enjoys guiding collaborative teams to envision, develop, and implement strategic plans and initiatives that better organizations and communities. Lauren specializes in designing and facilitating collaborative professional convenings that meaningfully engage participants. Prior to joining Catalysis LLC, Lauren served as director of strategic partnerships and programs at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. She has extensive experience leading partnership efforts and designing science communication professional development programs for STEM professionals. She was instrumental in launching Portal to the Public, a nationally renowned framework and network of organizations that connects STEM professionals with public audiences in meaningful conversations. She has served as principal investigator for National Science Foundation funded grants, including Designing Our World, a project designed to empower girls to pursue engineering careers by exploring the collaborative, personal, and altruistic aspects of engineering in partnership with community-based organizations. Lauren’s belief in the power of collective action and dedication to facilitating inclusive stakeholder engagement grounds her work. She also serves on the steering committee for the Storybook STEM project. 


Favorite children’s book: Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judy Barrett.

“My two-year old daughter calls this the ‘funny book,’ which is what I also may have called it as young imaginative reader myself. The humor is infectious, but it also really highlights some interesting topics about animal adaptations and behavior.”