GECCO is a National Science Foundation funded program that connects energy use to climate change for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts.

Welcome to the Girls’ Energy Conservation Corps (GECCo), a program for Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts. As Girl Scouts prepares girls for a lifetime of leadership, GECCo gives them tools to start leading on climate change.

GECCo girls learn by doing, explore climate change through troop activities and Girl Scout events, and earn patch recognitions.


Junior GECCo Program

Juniors have fun, save energy, and learn how their own actions are connected to climate change. Patches include Going Green with GECCo, Be Cool, and Less Hot Water!

Junior Patch Guides and Information

Cadette GECCo Program

Cadettes investigate how and where we produce and use energy, learn about climate change, and develop new media skills to spread the word about saving energy. They become leaders in the fight against climate change. Patches include Power Down, Travelin’ Green, and Tell the World.

Cadette Patch Guides and Information

Tell the World Additional Resources

This was the funnest meeting we had all year.”

– Cadette Girl Scout