Research Associate

Sophia Raymond

Areas of Interest

  • Mathematical identity construction
  • Black girls and women in mathematics


Sophia Raymond is a PhD student in Mathematics Education in the Department of Education at Tufts University. Her research interests are broadly focused on factors which influence the construction of mathematical identity for students, teachers, and Black girls and women. As a doctoral student, she has worked as a research assistant on several studies exploring different dimensions such as mathematical mindset, mathematical identity and early elementary mathematics students’ understanding of algebraic concepts. Sophia is currently a research associate at TERC on the DRK-12 project, Doing the Math with Paraeducators: Enhancing and Expanding and Sustaining a Professional Development Model in PreK to Grade 3 Math Classrooms.


  • Ph.D. in STEM Education, Tufts University
  • M.Ed. in Education Policy and Management, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2017
  • B.A. in Mathematics, Georgetown University, 2014

Honors and Awards

  • 2022 CADRE Fellow