Department of Mathematics at The University of Arizona

Marta Civil

Marta Civil is a Professor of Mathematics Education and the Roy F. Graesser Endowed Chair in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Arizona. Her research focuses on cultural, social, and language aspects in the teaching and learning of mathematics, linking in-school and out-of-school mathematics, and parental engagement in mathematics.

She has led several NSF-funded initiatives involving children, teachers, and parents, including Girls in the SYSTEM (Sustaining Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), a gender equity project aimed at engaging low-income, culturally diverse children ages 8-13 in hands-on mathematics and science explorations in informal and after- school settings; MAPPS (Math and Parent Partnerships in the Southwest), which had as a goal to promote Latina/o parental involvement in mathematics through the development of leadership teams who learned about mathematics and in turn facilitated workshops for parents within their school district; and CEMELA (Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as), an interdisciplinary, multi-university consortium focused on research and practice on the connections between the teaching and learning of mathematics and the cultural, social, and linguistic contexts of Latina/o students.

She teaches primarily mathematics and mathematics education courses for preservice and practicing teachers and graduate courses on research in mathematics education.