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Biographical Summary

Dr. Susan Jo Russell began her career in education as an elementary classroom teacher. She is currently at the Education Research Collaborative at TERC, where she has directed research and development projects in mathematics education for over 30 years. Her areas of work have included developing elementary curriculum materials for students and professional development models and materials for teaching mathematics in the elementary and middle grades, using text and video as well as online formats. She co-directed the original development and second edition of the NSF-funded elementary curriculum, Investigations in Number, Data and Space® and the professional development materials, Developing Mathematical Ideas. Her research has focused on understanding children’s mathematical understanding and how practicing teachers can learn more about mathematics and about children's mathematical thinking. Current work centers on how young students construct mathematical arguments in the context of ideas that arise naturally from their study of number and operations. In particular, she is interested in how students with a history of poor achievement in grade-level computation and students with a history of excelling in grade-level computation engage together in these ideas.  

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