Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The EMPower curriculum, developed by TERC and published by McGraw-Hill, fills the tremendous need for a math and numeracy program for adult basic education. More »


Publisher: McGraw-Hill

EMPower (Extending Mathematical Power) is a mathematics curriculum for non-traditional students enrolled in adult basic education, pre-GED, GED, and transitional courses to college, as well students in alternative high schools, workplace settings, or corrections programs. EMPower

  • Fosters mathematical reasoning included in the Common Core State Standards and the NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
  • Engages learners with student-centered activities relevant to everyday life.
  • Works well alongside Contemporary mathematics products such as Number Power ® and Math Problem Solver.
  • Prepares students for a deeper level of math proficiency necessary to successfully handle everyday problems as well as mathematics tests like the GED or college placement exams.
  • Embeds teacher support and promotes a learning community in which students communicate ideas orally and in writing, and discover multiple strategies for solving problems.

The full curriculum is comprised of eight non-sequential units emphasizing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, proportions, geometry and measurement, algebra, and data and graphs. EMPower was developed and field tested with support from the National Science Foundation.

Units in the Series