Principal Investigator: Marlene Kliman
Funders: Heising-Simons Foundation

Storytelling Math is an interdisciplinary collaboration focused on identifying, creating, and promoting exemplary math-infused storybooks for young children in our diverse society. More »

Principal Investigator: Marlene Kliman

Funders: The Heising-Simons Foundation

Other current TERC staff: Audrey Martínez-Gudapakkam, Valerie Martin 

Dates: 2016–2020 

 The Storytelling Math project is centered on two interrelated goals: 

Current work involves: 

With conservative projections of 64,500 math-infused storybooks purchased by project end and at least 350 stakeholders participating in webinars and workshops, we anticipate that our efforts will help to re-shape national conceptions of what constitutes math for ages 0-5, who can do math, and ways in which parents and caregivers can organically support children’s math learning as part of story reading at home.  


Published books resulting from Storytelling Math efforts to date  

Banana for Two by Ellen Mayer
Star Bright Books, 2018, available in English and Spanish
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