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Curriculum for Adults Learning Math from the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC

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May 13, 2019—Press Release
TERC Hosts 5th Annual STEM for All Video Showcase, funded by NSF, to Broaden Participation and Access to STEM Education

April 25, 2019—Publication
TERC's Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki is guest editor of Mind, Brain, and Education's Cyberlearning Special Issue

April 8, 2019—Article
Read the Education Week blog post from AERA about Project LEAP (Learning Early Algebra Progression). Their research shows that students can understand and benefit from being introduced to algebraic concepts in elementary school.

April 4, 2019—Announcement
Focus on Energy Receives NSTA Research Worth Reading Award

Zoombinis Available Now for iOS and Android Tablets


Experienced quantitative and qualitative researchers with expertise grounded in theory and practice spanning STEM education, offering consultation, external evaluation, and research support.