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Judith (Judy) Storeygard and Cornelia Tierney

Hands On! (2005) . Cambridge, MA: TERC. pp. 14-17.


This article tells the story of Darrell, a lively, intelligent boy who has some learning disabilities. Although his parents are educators and are highly committed to advocating for Darrell, for most of his elementary school years, they were unable to succeed in providing Darrell a mathematics education equal to his regular education peers. Darrell’s math education included classrooms and special education settings that did not recognize his confusions, did not provide enough practice, and that focused on procedural knowledge while ignoring his visual and cognitive strengths. Because his parents recognized his strengths and worked with him at home, because a few of his teachers knew how to teach mathematics to a range of learners using NCTM standards-based mathematics curricula and because he became aware of how he learns mathematics best, Darrell began to progress towards the end of elementary school. Students with disabilities, like Darrell, all deserve the chance to participate in meaningful mathematics.

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