NASA Selects TERC’s Eyes in the Sky II Program for Competitive Grant Funding

April 3, 2009



CAMBRIDGE, MA–TERC was one of nine organizations to receive funding from the NASA K-12 Competitive Grants program that awarded a total of 11.5 million dollars. Congress started the K-12 grant program in 2008 to help integrate NASA’s unique contributions to the STEM fields into public school district curriculums, state-based education leadership groups, and the work of nonprofit educational organizations.

“We are very excited to partner with NASA to reach a national audience for our program,” says Dr. Carla McAuliffe, Principal Investigator for the Eyes in the Sky II project. “Now more than ever, the future of life on Earth depends on an understanding of how our planet works. Through our program, teachers and students will investigate both global and local environmental issues using NASA resources and geospatial information technologies. Furthermore, the geospatial data analysis skills that students learn can only benefit their future career choices as these skills are very much in demand by employers in business and industry.”

Eyes in the Sky II expands on TERC’s existing professional development program, allowing it to reach a national audience. Through a distance learning course and summer workshops held at or near NASA Centers, Eyes in the Sky II developers and NASA scientists will introduce high school science teachers to the latest geospatial analysis and visualization tools. Teachers will use these tools in data-based investigations with students, enabling them to carry out exciting scientific research and pursue questions that are of interest to them.