News Brief: TERC Announces "Let's Talk: Exploring Culture, Learning, Teaching and Schooling in the 21st Century" Lecture Series

December 23, 2009



CAMBRIDGE, MA–TERC's Education Research Collaborative (ERC) is hosting a 2010 lecture series that explores cultural diversity and its prevalence in 21st century teaching and learning. Organized by TERC Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Brian L. Wright, the "Let's Talk" series features six newly minted professors including Dr. Catherine Compton-Lilly (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Dr. Donna Harris (University of Rochester), Dr. Adrienne Dixson (The Ohio State University), Dr. Tomoe Kanaya (Claremont McKenna College), Dr. James Cohen (Western Illinois University), and Dr. Jin Sook Lee (University of California Santa Barbara) speaking on topics ranging from culturally-relevant pedagogical practices to curriculum differentiation to learning trends among diverse populations. This series aims to deepen participants' understanding of and engagement with an increasingly multiracial and multiethnic student population.

The series will run from January 27, 2010 through November 29, 2010 and is open to the public at TERC—located at 2067 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Curtis Killian at

The schedule is as follows, with all lectures taking place from 12:30-2:30 p.m, in Penrose, 2nd floor, at TERC.:

Let's Talk: Exploring Culture, Learning, Teaching and Schooling in the 21st Century

JANUARY 27, 2010: Literacy and Schooling Across Time: Following Students Through School
Dr. Catherine Compton- Lilly
, University of Wisconsin-Madison

FEBRUARY 22, 2010: Structures of Opportunity to Learn: Understanding Curriculum Differentiation in Schools
Dr. Donna Harris
, University of Rochester

MAY 26, 2010: What's race got to do with it?: Examining Racialized Pedagogy and Its Implications for Working with Students of Color
Dr. Adrienne Dixson
, The Ohio State University

JUNE 16, 2010: The (Mis)use of IQ in Schoolchildren's Special Education Diagnoses
Dr. Tomoe Kanaya
, Claremont McKenna College

OCTOBER 13, 2010: Adolescent Immigrants' Perspectives on Their English As A Second Language Classroom Experiences
Dr. James Cohen
, Western Illinois University

NOVEMBER 29, 2010: A Look Into the Daily Lives of Immigrant Children: What Do Educators Need to Know to Implement Culturally-Relevant Pedagogy?
Dr. Jin Sook Lee
, University of California Santa Barbara

Open and view the "Let's Talk" lecture series poster here.

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