TERC’s Using Data Announces Educator Leadership Seminar

September 28, 2010



CAMBRIDGE, MA–TERC’s Using Data project announced today that they have designed a high-level seminar to help drive school-based data leadership. The seminar entitled “Driven by Data: Creating a High-Performing School” will be delivered to Massachusetts educators on October 28th and will subsequently be rolled out in other states across the country. The hands-on workshop is the latest offering from the Using Data team, which works with educators on the effective use of data to improve teaching and learning.

Said Diana Nunnaley, Using Data Project Director, “This workshop is a distillation of the work we’ve been doing for over a decade. It will provide education leaders with practical, top line strategies for using data to lead their schools.”

The workshop for Massachusetts educators will be held at the MESPA (Massachusetts Elementary School Principals’ Association) Education and Technology Center in Marlborough, MA. It will include expert presentations from front line educators who are employing the Using Data process to drive change in their schools.

About TERC's Using Data: For more than a decade, the educators who developed TERC's Using Data process have promoted school improvement through the effective use of data. Employed by thousands of educators across the country,Using Data's collaborative inquiry process has helped leaders uncover teaching and learning gaps, implement research-tested solutions, take timely action, and lead change in their schools.

More information about TERC’s Using Data can be found at usingdata.terc.edu.