TERC-Authored Article Featured in January 2011 issue of NSTA’s 'Science and Children'

January 5, 2011



CAMBRIDGE, MA–An article by TERC’s Sally Crissman has appeared in the January 2011 (Vol. 48, No. 5) data issue of Science and Children, NSTA’s peer-reviewed journal for elementary teachers. The article, entitled “Measure Lines”, outlines how re-imagined measure lines can guide students’ scientific investigations into the nature of matter and pave the way for understanding the concept of density.

Drawing on her work developing curriculum for The Inquiry Project, Crissman demonstrates through documented classroom examples how measure lines—transformed into weight lines—can augment data reasoning, analysis and inquiry in the 3-5 classroom, particularly by helping students order, analyze, and compare data in very visual and tactile ways.

The article is available online and in the print volume to NSTA members, or can be purchased through NSTA's Science Store.