International Innovation Features TERC’s Signing Math and Science Dictionaries

October 29, 2013


Ken Mayer

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Judy Vesel, Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation-funded Handheld Signing Math and Science Dictionaries for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Museum Visitors Research Project was interviewed for the October 2013 Issue of International Innovation – North America. In “Inclusive Museums,” Vesel talks about the collaborative research project with the Museum of Science, Boston, which is studying how family and school visitors integrate iPod versions of the Signing Science Pictionary (SSP), the Signing Science Dictionary (SSD), and the Signing Math Dictionary (SMD) into their museum experience and the impact of the dictionaries on what the visitors are learning from the exhibits.

The SSPSSDSMD, and recently released Signing Math Pictionary (SMP) apps are available from iTunes. They were developed by TERC in collaboration with Vcom3d and Bridge Multimedia and are part of a line of research and development that has been funded by various agencies and foundations including the National Science Foundation (DRL1008546, HRD-0533057, HRD-0833969, GEO-0913675, DRL-1019542), U.S. Department of Education (H327A060026, H327A080040, H327A100074), NEC Foundation of America and the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation. More information on Signing Math and Science research and resources can be found at

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User guides and activities for the SSP, SSD, SMD and SMP are available at