TERC’s Susan Jo Russell and EDC’s Deborah Schifter Develop PD Modules for NCSM Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice Series

April 16, 2013



CAMBRIDGE, MA–TERC’s Susan Jo Russell and Deborah Schifter (EDC) have designed two professional development modules for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM). The modules are part of a series available on the NCSM website that illuminates and illustrates the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematical Practice. The module series was funded by the Noyce Foundation, and includes multimedia content for teachers spanning the K-12 practices of problem solving and precision; reasoning and explaining; modeling and using tools; and seeing structure and generalizing as included in the CCSS.

Russell and Schifter’s modules—focusing on properties of operations and modeling in K-5 classrooms—include classroom video footage, powerpoints, and resources for teachers to help demonstrate what the practice standards look like in the classroom. Each module includes complete materials for implementing a professional development session for teachers. Russell and Schifter’s modules use classroom artifacts to document examples in which students look for regularities in operations (Math Practice 8); construct viable arguments (Math Practice 3), and use mathematical models (Math Practice 4).

For more information, please visit:http://www.mathedleadership.org/ccss/itp/index.html.

Susan Jo Russell is a Principal Scientist at the Education Research Collaborative at TERC. Following ten years of classroom teaching and coaching in elementary schools, Dr. Russell directed projects focused on mathematics professional development, research on students’ and teachers’ understanding of mathematics, and mathematics curriculum. She co-directed, with a variety of colleagues, the development of the NSF-funded elementary curriculum, Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, the associated professional development materials, Developing Mathematical Ideas, and Connecting Arithmetic to Algebra: Strategies for Building Algebraic Thinking in the Elementary Grades. Her recent work supports teachers in integrating operations into their core arithmetic instruction.

Deborah Schifter is Principal Research Scientist at the Education Development Center (EDC) where she leads a range of projects concerning professional development in mathematics and research into student learning. Working with a variety of colleagues, she is coauthor of Reconstructing Mathematics EducationDeveloping Mathematical IdeasThe Mathematical Education of TeachersConnecting Arithmetic to Algebra: Strategies for Building Algebraic Thinking in the Elementary Grades, and the Second Edition of Investigations in Number, Data, and Space. She also edited What's Happening in Math Class? (an anthology of teacher writing).