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January 31, 2018—In the News

 Flipping with Short Lab Videos May Help Students Learn in Science Courses

 January 16, 2018—Publication  

Learning About Statistical Inference by  Andee Rubin and Katie Makar in    The International Handbook of Research in Statistics Education, Series: Springer International Handbooks of Education. Dani Ben-Zvi, Katie Makar, Joan Garfield (Eds.). 1st ed. 2018, XIX.

January 11, 2018—Announcement

TERC will host the January meeting of the New England Learning Scientists (NELS) on Tuesday, January 16 from 6 to 8PM. This is a great way to meet and network with other learning scientists in the area. Refreshments provided by attendees. If you'd like to attend, RSVP to Andee Rubin at

January 10, 2018—Press Release 

Register Now to be a Presenter in the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase. The 4th Annual Video Showcase, hosted by TERC and funded by NSF, will address the theme: “Transforming the STEM Education Landscape.”

January 2, 2018—Conference News 

iSWOOP Symposium, Science in the Public Eye: Leveraging Partnerships   at the SICB Annual Meeting, January 3-7, 2018 San Francisco, CA 

December 18, 2017—Publications

 A Design-Based Research Study of Staff-Facilitated Family Learning at Interactive Math Exhibits in Journal Visitor Studies, Volume 20, 2017 - Issue 2 

November 30, 2017—Announcement 

 On November 4, Jodi Asbell-Clarke was a speaker in TedXBeaconSt, We Know More Then We Can Tell. Watch her talk now!

November 20, 2017—Publication

Signing Math & Science PI, Judy Vesel, and Lead Researcher, Tara Robillard, publish a new article. Read about research conducted at the Museum of Science, Boston (MoS) in the Journal of Visual Literacy

November 16, 2017—Announcement

STEM for All Video Showcase, Transforming the Educational Landscape, May 14 – 21, 2018 call for presenters!

November 13, 2017—Conference News  

Andee Rubin invited to Perspectives for data science education at school level - Educational contributions from statistics, computer science and sociocultural studies Symposium in Paderborn, Germany. The Symposium is initiated and funded by the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung Germany. 

November 4, 2017—Announcement

Jodi Asbell-Clarke at TEDXYOUTH @ BEACONSTREET, We Know More Than We Can Tell

October 19, 2017—Announcement

TERC welcomes two new Board members, Dr. Nadine Bonda and Dr. Diane Souvaine

October 16, 2017—Conference News

CHI PLAY 2017- Amsterdam. Assessing implicit computational thinking in Zoombinis gameplay poster session

October 13, 2016—Announcement

Register now for Jodi Asbell-Clarke's talk at TEDXYOUTH @ BEACONSTREET on 11/4/17, Boston, MA

October 10, 2017—In the News

 A successful EMPower® pilot in Kentucky—Adult Education Students Gain Conceptual Understanding and Real-World Math Skills

October 3, 2017—Announcement

Register for Andee Rubin's talk at BostonCHI's monthly meeting, Expressive Representational Tools for Elementary Math Students. October 10 at 6:30pm

October 1, 2017—Publication

Storyteling Math Bilingual Book Published

September 21, 2017—In the News

Jodi Asbell-Clarke to give a keynote address at the ECR PI Convening, Monday, September 25, 2017. We Know More Than We Can Tell: Differentiated Learning through Implicit Assessment

September 20, 2017—Publication   

Seeking out Math in Making Experiences by Andee Rubin, Scott Pattison, and Tracey Wright in ATSC Dimensions Year in Review

September 12, 2017—Announcement

How to be a STEM Mentor interactive workshop, presented by Moms as Mentors, October 11, 2017, 6:30pm-8:00pm.

September 10, 2017—Announcement

Math in the Making website has been officially launched! 

September 6. 2017—In the News 

 Investigating STEM Literacies in Makerspaces teacher  named one of 12 New England teachers to win the Lawrence O'Toole Teacher Leadership Award 

August 8, 2017—Announcement 

 Boston area families needed to help with development of a prototype signing glossary during a visit to a zoo.

May 17, 2017—Announcement

NSF News highlights Video Showcase 

May 15, 2017—Press Release

TERC Hosts 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase, Funded by NSF, to Highlight Innovation in STEM Education

May 14, 2017—Announcement

An invitation to join Empowering Teachers Through VideoReView

May 5, 2017—Announcement
Engage Families, a project at the USS Constitution Museum, links to Project REVEAL

May 2, 2017—In the News 

 EMPower pilot program delivered pre-GED math to students in 20 counties in Kentucky  

April 27, 2017—Announcement

TERC staff participate in symposiums, roundtables, and poster sessions at AERA Annual Meeting 2017

April 22, 2017—Announcement

TERC Sessions at the NARST Annual International Conference

April 20, 2017—Announcement

Enhanced Robotics! Increasing Computer Science Access for Students With Visual Impairments at the CEC 2017 Convention & Expo 

April 18, 2017

TERC Workshops at Cambridge Science Festival 2017

April 13, 2017—Announcement  

   TERC's Andee Rubin keynote speaker at Big Data Literacy Workshop

April 7, 2017—Announcement  

TERC's Martha Merson at the 19th George Wright Society Conference

March 24, 2017—Announcement

TERC at the MassAEYC Annual Spring Conference

March 20, 2017—Press Release

TERC Hosts NSF INCLUDES Video Showcase: Envisioning Impact

Open Online Event, March 20-27, Features 36 launch Projects Aimed at Broadening Participation in STEM … More »

March 8, 2017— TERC In the News

Making Astronomy Accessible to the Blind; Students Partner with Professionals to Build New Software Tool

Source Newsroom: Associated Universities, Inc. More »

February 15, 2017—Announcement

TERC's Mia Ong presents at AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston

A Pathway Perspective on Expanding the Participation of Women in IT … More »

September 13, 2016—Announcement  

 TERC receives one of first NSF INCLUDES award  

Program aims to broaden participation in STEM at national scale, with initial awards totaling nearly $14 million. More »

August 15, 2016—Announcement

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Education

The Education Research Collaborative (ERC) at TERC invites applications for a two-year residential research fellowship. More »

May 16, 2016—Press Release

TERC's iSWOOP2.0 Launches National Science Communications Program in Acadia

National Science Foundation funded project brings scientific research at national parks to the public. More »

May 10, 2016—Press Release

TERC Hosts NSF 2016 STEM for All Video Showcase

Open event features more than 150 education research initiatives. More »

April 28, 2016—Announcement

TERC at the 10th Annual Cambridge Science Festival

TERC's workshops in the Cambridge Science Festival were a big success. More »

April 14, 2016—Announcement

National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST)

Spring conference season continues with TERC staff at NARST in Baltimore. More »

April 12, 2016—Announcement  


NCSM and NCTM are in San Francisco CA this year and so is TERC! More »

April 8, 2016—Announcement 

TERC at AERA 2016

TERC's researchers and authors are making several presentations at AERA in Washington, DC. More »

April 6, 2016—Press Release

TERC Board Names Interim Leader Laurie Brennan President

Permanent appointment reaffirms robust commitment to community engagement and equity. More »

November 19. 2015

New Science Game Testers Needed

TERC, Inc. is looking for students in grades 5-8 to test a prototype of a new, serious science game being designed to support independent, personalized learning of NGSS topics in Structure and Properties of Matter, Space Systems and other areas ... More »

November 18, 2015

McGraw-Hill Releases TERC’s EMPower Plus to Help More Adult Learners Earn High School Equivalency Certificates

TERC has revised and enhanced its groundbreaking mathematics curriculum for adult learners. Now available from McGraw-Hill EMPower Plus builds ... More »

August 3, 2015 – Press Release

TERC Receives National Science Foundation Research Grant to Examine the Development of Computational Thinking in Game-Based Learning

The National Science Foundation awarded the Educational Gaming Environment Group (EdGE) at TERC a 1.9 million, 3-year grant to More »

May 11, 2015 – Press Release

NSF 2015 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase Opens May 11

TERC announced today the opening of the NSF 2015 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase with 112 videos. More »

April 17, 2015 – Announcement


TERC staff are traveling to Chicago for presentations at AERA. More »

March 11, 2015 – Announcement


TERC staff are traveling to Chicago for presentations at NSELA and NSTA. Stop by the TERC booth #890. More »

February 17, 2015 – Press Release

Zoombinis Journeys to Homes and Classrooms on iPad and Android Tablets

TERC, a not-for-profit leader in K-12 math and science education, announced today the revival of the classic educational puzzle game, Zoombinis, coming this summer to iPad and Android tablets for $4.99. Zoombinis is developed in conjunction with  More »