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Center for Innovative Research in Cyber Learning — Perspective on EdGE

An interview with Jodi Asbell-Clarke about her NSF-funded project to study the development of computational thinking for upper elementary and middle grades students. More »

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Zoombinis Available Now for iOS and Android Tablets

Zoombinis, the small blue creatures, each with distinct personalities and appearances, are all imprisoned by the evil Bloats who took over their home – and they need your help to reach the safety of Zoombiniville. Using logic, data analysis, pattern finding and problem solving skills, children and adults will face a series of increasingly difficult challenges set within entertaining environments such as Pizza Pass, Titanic Tattooed Toads and Mudball Wall.  Learn More »

Bob Tinker, Innovative Thinker


 Bob Tinker was a pioneer in the field of educational technology and a leading contributor to TERC’s success and reputation. … Read More »

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Algebraic Reasoning in the Elementary Classroom: Results of a Professional Development Program for Teachers

Authors:  Susan Jo Russell, Deborah Schifter, Virginia Bastable. Megan Franke

—TERC (2016).

This paper describes a professional development experience designed to help teachers support their students to make, represent, and justify generalizations about the behavior of the operations … Read More »


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STEM Education Evaluation Center (SEEC) offers consultation, external evaluation, and research support for existing STEM education grants and programs, and we collaborate with proposal writing teams to design studies. We are experienced quantitative and qualitative researchers with expertise grounded in theory and practice spanning STEM education.
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 September 6. 2017—In the News  
Investigating STEM Literacies in Makerspaces teacher  named one of 12
New England teachers to win the Lawrence O'Toole Teacher Leadership Award 

August 30, 2017—Announcement
NSF is coming to our region: the next NSF Day is September 12, 2017 at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT

August 28, 2017—In the News
New superintendent for the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District in California introduces Investigations® Curriculum to educators and students

August 23, 2017—New Article
Mia Ong, et al, explore the struggles of women of color STEM education how those struggles lead them to search out or create counterspaces.

 August 8, 2017—Announcement 
Boston-area families needed to help with development of a prototype signing glossary during a visit to a zoo.

 July 14, 2017—New Article 
Martha Merson article, What Don't We Know: Messages about Science, in latest Legacy Magazine.