Version: 8


Principal Investigator: Martha Merson

Co-PI: Nickolay Hristov

Senior Scientist: Louise Allen

Funder: National Science Foundation


 At Carlsbad Caverns, researchers Nickolay Hristov and Louise Allen are using thermal imaging cameras, laser scanning, and high speed video to learn everything they can about bats. Pictures like these gathered for scientific research are rarely on view. Because of iSWOOP, park rangers can show visitors images and videos from the research. Visitors have a chance to respond, to examine the images, to speculate together, to make observations and predictions.



When iSWOOP moves to other parks, visitors there will have a chance to learn about the cutting edge research going on at that park—within yards or a few miles of where they are standing.

TERC's role is to design professional development for park rangers, to support implementation of programs based on scientists' visualizations, to research what impression these images make on visitors. The iSWOOP project team will collect questions and observations to study what is striking to visitors who have the opportunity to learn about scientists' use of cutting edge technology.


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