Version: 3


Principal Investigator: Marlene Kliman

Funders: Heising-Simons Foundation


Storytelling Math is an interdisciplinary Boston-based learning community focused on identifying, creating, and promoting exemplary math-infused storybooks for young children in our diverse society. Learning community members, including TERC, will reflect a range of relevant perspectives: writing, illustrating, and publishing storybooks; promoting math learning in service of equity and social justice; researching development of children’s mathematical thinking; and buying and marketing children’s books. Participants will embark on a constellation of projects designed both to build their own capacity and to serve as a basis for communicating more broadly about qualities of stellar math-infused storybooks to publishers, authors, illustrators, and the public at large. TERC will coordinate and participate in all project efforts in order to ensure a cohesive and productive community, to contribute expertise in piloting and creating math materials for and with diverse families, and to capture and document small and large group processes, common threads, and effective practices.

At the core of our work is a whole-group effort to articulate characteristics of storybooks that incorporate current understanding of development of children’s mathematical thinking, best practices in caregiver-child interactions, and perspectives that reflect U.S. family demographics.