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Featured Project

iSWOOP: Interpreters and Scientists Working On-Site at Our Parks

PI: Martha Merson

Co-PI: Nickolay Hristov

Senior Scientist: Louise Allen

Funder: National Science Foundation

National Parks are full of interesting natural phenomena and man-made artifacts, which often intrigue visitors and form the basis of interactions with park rangers. Researchers are active in nearly every national park unit gathering data and conducting experiments. More »

Featured Service

Investigations Workshops for Transforming Mathematics

For seventeen years, those attending Investigations Workshops have experienced mathematics learning and teaching in ways that have transformed their own teaching and understanding of how children learn mathematics. Learn More »

Featured Product

Teaching Science to English Language Learners
Editors: Ann S. Rosebery and Beth Warren

Can a student’s cultural background support and extend learning in science? Can students learn science before they’re proficient in English? Or is concentrating on the specialized vocabulary of science the best way to teach science to English language learners? This book addresses these and other questions, and combines this research with classroom case studies and the perspectives of master teachers. More »

Featured Research

White Paper: Under the Microscope
Brian Drayton, Gilly Puttick, and Meaghan Donovan.

The 2013 white paper, Under the Microscope, examines research literature on biology labs (1987-2007), including papers and dissertations in English from 23 research journals, and covering work done in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The study evaluated the papers to discern trends, summarize findings, and identify gaps in the literature on biology labs from grade 5 to introductory college courses. Read More »


August 3, 2015—Press Release
TERC Receives NSF Research Grant to Examine the Development of Computational Thinking in Game-Based Learning 

May 19, 2015—Announcement
Signing Science in DO-IT online journal

May 11, 2015—Press Release
NSF 2015 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase Opens May 11

 April 17, 2015—Announcement

March 11, 2015—Announcement