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Judy Vesel
+1 617-873-9600

Signing Glossary Apps designed by TERC provide signed terms for on-the-fly use during museum visits


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CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA, January 24, 2019 / -- If you are a family with at least one member who is deaf and hard of hearing, these new signing glossary apps might be for you. Each glossary provides access to thousands of signed terms and definitions specifically for aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, nature centers, science museums, and zoos. Developed by TERC with funding from the National Science Foundation (Award #1602284), the apps are free and can be used with iPhone and Android mobile devices.

There are numerous ways people can interact with the glossary apps to enrich their museum visits. People can select terms from lists or type them into a search box, see an Avatar character sign the term and its definition, listen to a human voice speaking the English text, open and close an illustration with a single click, and play and replay the teImage Removedrm term over and over.

“It was exciting to see visitors with varied hearing levels, signing and reading ability, and interests having fun using the glossaries in different ways,” said Tara Robillard, TERC’s lead researcher. “Some used the glossaries to learn new signs. Others used them to find out about what they were observing or doing and to talk about what they had noticed. This heightened interest and kept children focused.”