ERC Research Scientist

Biographical Summary

Maria C. Olivares received her PhD from the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. Her doctoral research focused on understanding whether and how emergent classroom norms and practices supported opportunities for students to learn richly with and about data through an analysis of the development of student learning identities. Previously a postdoctoral fellow in ERC, Maria is continuing lines of inquiry with a focus on minoritized youth, equity, authority distribution, and the role of computation and new learning technologies in STEM identity development in formal and informal learning environments. She is currently a member of the Chèche Konnen Center and co-PI for Re-Making STEM, a study aimed at developing a teacher professional development model for integrating computational making practices into teachers’ home disciplines.

Selected Publications

Philip, T.M., Rocha, J., & Olivares-Pasillas, M. C. (2017). Supporting Teachers of Color as they Negotiate Classroom Pedagogies of Race: A Case Study of a Teacher’s Struggle with “Friendly-Fire” Racism. Teacher Education Quarterly 44(1), 59-79. 

Philip, T.M., Olivares-Pasillas, M.C., & Rocha, J. (2016). Becoming Racially Literate about Data and Data Literate about Race: Data Visualizations in the Classroom as a Site of Racial-Ideological Micro-Contestations. Cognition & Instruction 34(4), 361-388.  

 Philip, T.M. & Olivares-Pasillas, M.C. (2016). Learning Technologies and Educational Equity: Charting Alternatives to the Troubling Pattern of Big Promises with Dismal Results. Teachers College Record, Date Published: August 24, 2016 ID Number: 21616.