Senior Researcher

Program/Areas of Interest

Education policy
Professional development
Mathematics and science instruction
Evaluation of online programs and products

TERC Projects

Biographical Summary

Dr. Eric Hochberg has nearly a decade of experience conducting research and evaluation in mathematics and science education.

Eric’s research and evaluation work draws on professional experience as an elementary school teacher and an academic background in education policy. At TERC, Eric’s work includes a study of elementary student and teacher engagement with the Common Core State Standards Initiative’s Standards for Mathematical Practice, as well as an evaluation of an online system of statistics education assessments and professional learning resources. Prior to joining TERC, Eric worked on projects ranging from a five-year NSF-funded research study of middle school mathematics teacher induction, mentoring, and professional development, to an evaluation of Mathematics and Science Partnerships program grantees. Eric received specialized training in field-based education research and evaluation methods through an IES-funded research fellowship during graduate school.

Eric’s primary interests are at the intersection of instruction and education policy, with a particular focus on mathematics professional development and the roles of policy and school organizations in supporting teaching and learning. In his spare time, Eric enjoys playing and learning with his young children, and he is active with a social organization in his community. 


Ph.D. in Education Policy, University of Pennsylvania


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